Five Five Collective — Bringing Stories Into Focus

Our Mission

This is our mission.

People crave connection.

When writing letters and waiting weeks for a reply wasn’t enough, people built telegraph lines thousands of miles long to communicate at the speed of light. Soon after came the telephone, then the Internet, and now we can talk face-to-face through the devices we have in our pockets.

Don’t get us wrong—letters aren’t going anywhere and reading is still cool (please go check out your local library), but when people want to truly connect and share personal stories, they need more than words on a page.

When we founded Five Five Collective in 2014, our goal was to help people connect the best way we knew how: high quality video production. Whether we were connecting investors to a new business, or students to a university, we believed that video was the best way to share stories and make a lasting impact.

Over the years, our techniques have evolved and we’ve outgrown two offices, but our mission hasn’t changed. We believe that every brand has stories worth knowing, even if we have to do a little digging to find them.


Stories are everywhere.

We bring these stories into focus and help brands make real human connections.