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Temple University's College of Liberal Arts

Their work is outstanding and has won us many industry awards. I was able to work hand-in-hand with them on a short video project that had a very tight deadline. Not only did the Five Five Collective team meet the deadline, they surpassed my expectations. They are incredibly easy to work with - they took my very basic idea and ran with it. It is rare these days to come across a creative company that you can totally hand the ropes over to and not have to worry about the product being sub par - these guys go above and beyond each and every time. I know we will be working with them for a long, long time.

Kaitlyn Sutton, Associate Director of Marketing, Temple University’s College of Liberal Arts

Temple University’s campus is only about ten blocks from our office, but it isn’t the quick trip that makes us love going back. At Temple’s University’s College of Liberal Arts, students are prepared to be creative. They’re critical thinkers and problem solvers. Doers.

To kickstart the College’s journey into video, we traveled around Philadelphia, filming Temple’s campus, Center City, and everywhere in between. This footage is now the backdrop of their new website, immediately inviting visitors to make their declaration in a major city.

Since 2015, we’ve worked with the College to cover special events including lectures from New York Times columnist Frank Bruniacclaimed author Ta-Nehisi Coatesand others. These talks demonstrate the value of the liberal arts and the importance of seeing the world through different lenses. By editing these events into short, easily digestible highlight reels, we help the College invite the world to see the benefit of the liberal arts as well.

NYT columnist Frank Bruni gives a talk at Temple’s Sullivan Hall

NYT columnist Frank Bruni gives a talk at Temple’s Sullivan Hall

Darion Porter in front of Temple’s iconic bell tower

Darion Porter in front of Temple’s iconic bell tower

In 2016, we worked with the College to create their first commercial. Most college commercials look the same and show off pristine campuses, blue skies, and sunshine. But Temple isn’t most colleges and it isn’t always sunny in Philadelphia. In the commercial, titled “Our Life’s Work,” students trudge to class in the rain, explore downtown, and put in the work to help each other. That’s the real Philadelphia experience. This city can be tough, and Temple students aren’t afraid to get dirty. The commercial went on to win awards with CASE in 2016 and CUPRAP (College and University Public Relations and Associated Professionals) in 2017.

In 2017, we helped the College get personal. Environmental Studies major, Darion Porter, volunteered to tell the story of how he fell in love with geography before he even knew what geography was. We sat down with Darion and talked about his background, his love of bike riding, and his passion for helping others. We loved the story of young Darion making maps out of a pile of baking soda and toy cars so much that we ran to the dollar store and made a mess of our office just to recreate the image. We’re still finding baking soda in the cracks between the floorboards. In 2018, the video went on to win awards with CASE and CUPRAP.

We're not done telling Temple's stories. In 2018, the College brought us on once again to introduce the world to Criminal Justice major Barry Sauder. Designed to show parents the benefits of the College's advising programs (and the employability of their graduates), the video has become a hit at family focused events and went on to win a CUPRAP award in 2019.

Imagination, creativity, and ingenuity is what Temple University’s College of Liberal Arts is all about, and that’s why we can’t stop going back.

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