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Scholly Inc.

Love working with these guys. Talented, responsive, business-focused and super-creative. They have a great balance of taking care of things autonomously when needed, voicing opinions, suggesting and driving decision, while also being very collaborative, iterative, and open to ideas. Great process, great output and a great value on top of it. Highly recommend.

Jordan Goldenberg, CMO/Creative Director, Scholly

College is many things, but cheap is absolutely not one of them. Scholarships are certainly out there, so why aren’t more students finding them?

Scholly has the solution.

We met Christopher Gray, founder of Scholly Inc. and a “Million Dollar Scholar” himself, in 2014 while we were all studying at Drexel University. He and his fledgling company were featured in one of our first projects, an award winning promo video for Drexel’s Close School for Entrepreneurship.

Soon after that, Christopher and his team brought us on board to come up with a promo video of their own. Scholly’s first video is still one of our favorite projects.

Actor Sean Ryan takes a break while filming Scholly’s first promo video in 2014.

Actor Sean Ryan takes a break while filming Scholly’s first promo video in 2014.

After securing funds on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2015, Scholly had room to grow. The company expanded its mobile app into a web platform, giving students, parents, and organizations the tools to make college a reality. We worked with Scholly to craft an animated explainer video showing off these new features.

With growth comes visual changes. Clothes no longer fit and hair starts showing up in unexpected places. For Scholly, growth meant a complete visual overhaul—a new voice, a redesigned logo, and an updated mobile app. In 2016, we hooked up with the freshly rebranded company to produce a live-action video showing off what’s new.

Does Scholly actually work? In 2017, we sat down with Princeton University student Sunny Sandhu and discovered that the answer to that question is a resounding yes. With over $600,000 earned through Scholly, Sunny got to go to the Ivy League college of his dreams completely debt free. By shooting and editing Sunny’s interview into a short, exciting profile piece, we helped Scholly spread this success story to hundreds of thousands of people.

Opportunity for all. That’s Scholly’s motto and we couldn’t be more proud to help this company achieve its mission of making college a possibility for everyone.

Dan Leungpublic