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Penn Medicine

They are always open to trying new ideas, and very willing to find a way to make your project work within a given budget. They have a great eye for beautiful imagery, and do fantastic work in post production with motion graphics and animations. They are always on my short list to call whenever a new project comes along, and I’d highly recommend them to anyone in the Philly area or elsewhere who’s looking for a talented, can-do production team.

Matt Curran, Manager of Video Strategy, Penn Medicine

Penn Medicine is an organization dedicated to high-quality patient care, cutting-edge medical research, and preparing the next generation of medical leaders. Here at Five Five Collective, we focus on high-quality video production, the latest cinematic technology, and educating future filmmakers through our internship program. Some might say a partnership was inevitable!

We started working with Penn Medicine in 2014. Penn calls Philadelphia home and they called us to help in their campaign to expand their services to the rest of the world. We sat down with doctors and administrators to learn how the Penn Global Medicine and Penn Passport programs are making it possible for anyone, anywhere to reap the benefits of Penn’s breakthrough medical research. We’ve since worked with Penn to translate this video into four languages, including Arabic and Chinese.

Dan and Max on location at Penn

Dan and Max on location at Penn

Dan sits in as we set up the studio

Dan sits in as we set up the studio

In 2015, we partnered once again to create a video series showing off Penn’s new tools for Customer Relationship Management—known to the rest of us as “CRM.” These videos took a bold approach to visualizing a comprehensive software suite by using floating, holographic-style animation and the project would open the floodgates to future, graphics-heavy productions.

After animating a quick, two-minute piece explaining Penn’s new physician rating tools in 2016, we were brought on board in 2017 to produce a ten-part animated series for Penn’s new Center for Precision Medicine. Each video would highlight a different area of research, explained and illustrated so anyone can understand. To create this series, we interviewed eight researchers and two administrators in a green-screen studio and in editing, surrounded them with colorful animations, created in-house to clearly illustrate their ideas. The videos were a hit, and a year later they asked us to help them create even more. So we did.

Like Penn Medicine, our techniques are constantly evolving. We can’t wait to see what the future of medicine looks like, and we’re excited to help this great organization show the world what’s next.

Dan Leungpublic